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Are you ready to own the best rice cookers from a line of high integrity kitchenware products that will give you chef-like results? When you shop Cuckoo USA store you get special access to various rice cooker models that meet any need. Whether you need an appliance capable of feeding large parties, or a 3-cup rice cooker to nourish your family at home, Cuckoo USA Store is home to the official brand world-known for high-quality and unparalleled style! Get yours today and experience the sensation everyone’s talking about in Korean cooking appliances!

How to Choose a Rice Cooker

Choosing a rice cooker comes down to accommodating specific “must haves” from one kitchen to the next. The first rice cooker was produced by the Mitsubishi corporation in Japan; it was a simple aluminum pot powered by a heating coil. It had a simple on-off button, and that was it. Today Korean rice cookers from the Cuckoo USA Store are high-tech vacuum sealed appliances with dozens of features ranging from multiple language voice guides to LED screens that assist chefs and cooks of all levels. When looking for the best rice cooker to meet your needs, some important considerations to make include the following:

  • Capacity
  • Navigation options
  • Exterior shell materials
  • Abnormal pressure detection sensor
  • Atmospheric pressure cooking capabilities
  • Design and color to compliment your kitchen

Cuckoo USA Store has rice cooker models to meet any need. Still not sure? Contact our team today and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect

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