Cuckoo Rice Cooker FAQ


If you see steam leaking from both side:

Replace your Cover Packing - Cuckoo Cover Packing's usually have a life expectancy of 1 year. If your rice cooker uses DH Cover Packing then the life expectancy is usually 1½ years. If you see that your cover packing has a any serious tears or warping, stop using the rice cooker and replace your cover packing as soon as possible.

If you see steam leaking from one side only:

Call for service or bring your cooker to nearest A/S center.

Please keep in mind that it is normal to hear a fan noise while the rice cooker is cooking and warming. This is due to the cooling system built into the rice cooker.
There are couple of  reasons why rice smell. If you've been using the multi-cooking method with your rice cooker for cooking stews or soups, it will most likely cause an odor from the previous cooked dish. Another reason is keeping in warm mode for more than 12 hours. We strongly recommend keeping in warm mode less than 12 hours. In order to resolve this odor, fill your pot with a quarter of clean water and 1 spoon of vinegar and set it to cook in your rice cooker for 30 minutes. This process will clear the ventilation of your rice cooker through fumigation. After the 30 minutes removes the pot and clean the inner pot of the rice cooker.

1. If your rice seems either uncooked or over-cooked, it might be due to the fact that you used either too little water or too much to cook your rice. Please check the water meter on the pot as a reference for how much water to use according to the amount of rice you want to make.

2. Another reason for this problem may be that you chose the wrong cooking settings. Please check your manual for reference to the correct cooking settings.

3. Also, there are 3 stages to cooking rice: Step 1: Cooking stage, Step 2: Settling stage, and Step 3: Warming stage.

If you open your rice cooker during either Step 1 or Step 2 your rice will not be fully cooked or will come out mushy. Please make sure to wait until it reaches the warming stage to enjoy a fully cooked and tasteful rice.

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