What are Cuckoo Reward Points?

What’s better than buying a brand new Cuckoo rice cooker to feed your friends and family? We’ll tell you: getting great Cuckoo deals AND accumulating rewards points! Cuckoo Reward Points is a loyalty program giving you bonuses for getting discounts on Cuckoo appliances and store credit. Once you register you begin accruing Cuckoo Reward Points that may be redeemable at the time of your purchase, or on future purchases. Every 100 points equals $1, so 1,000 points equals $10, and so on. This is an ideal way to get discounts on Cuckoo rice cookers, and other top-of-the-line products.

For example: 100 Points equals $1 and 1,000 Points are equal to $10, etc.


Why Shop at Cuckoo Store USA

When you shop at the official Cuckoo USA Store, you get the best deals on modern Korean rice cookers, stockpile more points to use on Cuckoo products.


Shop Cuckoo and Earn Rewards Points

2 Earn 4 percent back on every Cuckoo rice cooker purchase, or other appliance. Use our promo codes for additional savings!


How to Redeem Cuckoo Rewards

Congratulations on acquiring your Cuckoo Reward Points! Now you can use these points at checkout for instant savings on your order!

Get 4% Back on every Purchase

Redeeming Cuckoo Reward Points

Using Cuckoo points is easy peasy! You can redeem your reward points at checkout. If you have accumulated enough points you will have the option of using them as a payment method. The option to use Cuckoo reward points as a payment method will be revealed with the balance, as well as the , monetary equivalent, in the checkout Payment Method area. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards and more. With Cuckoo Reward Points, you get total freedom to spend your way!


Redeem Reward Points

Cuckoo Reward Points Exchange Rates

The value of Cuckoo reward points is determined by a current exchange rate of both currency spent on products to points, and an exchange rate of points earned to currency for spending on future purchases.


How to Manage Cuckoo Reward Points

You have the ability to view and manage your Cuckoo Reward Points through My Account. From your account you will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent), a cumulative history of Cuckoo points acquired, redeemed and used. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informative notation relevant to your points.

Ways to Earn Reward Points

Cuckoo Reward Points Policy

Want details regarding the Cuckoo Reward Points policy? Please visit our Reward Point Policy page. For any question please contact us at support@cuckoousastrore.com


Get 4% Back on every Purchase

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