Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Welcome to Cuckoo USA Store, the official home of Cuckoo rice cookers in America. Korean rice cookers are known throughout the world for boasting superior quality; we took what was already high standards and created the best rice cookers, pressure rice cookers, and electric rice cookers for your home’s kitchen that offer the same performance empowering fine dining restaurants.


The Best Rice Cookers are Cuckoo

When it comes to home and family, your kitchen is at the heart of living. Cuckoo places strict quality-control high-bars in manufacturing the best rice cookers because healthcare is just as important as cooking quality in your living appliances. Cuckoo rice cookers don’t stop at offering flawless cuisine and speedy cook times. We may have the fastest rice cookers, but we also produce top kitchen appliances to accommodate healthy lifestyles.

Electric Rice Cookers, Simplicity, High Style

Cuckoo electric rice cookers are designed to make your life easier. With voice-controlled voice navigation, induction heating pressure, full screen LCD display, vacuum warming technology, and a sleek modern design that brings pop into your kitchen, our electric rice cookers are loved by people who seek the highest quality in cooking appliances, and who have an eye for style. Whether you need a 3 cup rice cooker, or a 10-cup rice cooker for your restaurant's kitchen, Cuckoo brings all the qualities together that truly compose the best rice cookers you can buy.

Shop All Cuckoo Kitchenwares

We may be known for producing the best rice cookers, but we don’t stop there. Our array of stylish kitchenwares include high-end electric kettles, mixers, and multi cookers ideal for foodies, or people who simply appreciate the top-drawer quality and style Cuckoo is known for world-wide. Browse our Cuckoo kitchenwares to find the perfect accompaniment to your rice cooker, and let your kitchen’s offerings provide something better to nourish your family and dinner guests.

State-of-the-Art Pressure Cookers

Whether it’s for your stylish bachelor pad kitchen, or you have a lot of mouths to feed, Cuckoo pressure cookers offer easy cleaning, the fastest cook times, and fashionable modern style. Great for making stews and cooking meats to perfection, Cuckoo pressure cookers are on the forefront of cooking technology.

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