CPC-A2510F Red


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Cuckoo Steam Pressure Cooker, Red

  • Steam Pressure Cooker
  • Stainless Inner Pot:5L Germanium Inner Pot:2.5L
  • 1185W
  • Manufactured in Korea


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Cuckoo Electronic likes to introduce an electric steam pressure cooker that can cook up to hundreds of dishes. The steam pressure comes with auto-cooking functions that helps you to cook your favorite dish at ease. Start cooking your tasty dishes with Cuckoo's steam cooker today!

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Color Red
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The Best Multi Function Electric Pressure Cooker with Special Fermentation Function, Homemade Herbal Medicine, and Extracts Review by E. Roberts
I have been using two manual pressure cookers like your old grandma's blow-up pressure cooker and 4-5 crock pots for the last 14 years. My husband and I have been looking for a multi-function electric pressure cooker with a stainless steel inner pot that can replace my pressure cookers and multiple slow cookers. I tried to find something similar on Cuckoo's website before, but every Cuckoo rice cooker had a non-stick coating that I was not comfortable using for detoxification purposes.
After 6 months of research, I bought an electric pressure cooker on Amazon, but I did not like how it operated and I was not comfortable with the lid's closing since it was not fitting snug - it is also a pressure cooker after all! After looking through many websites, Cuckoo had this multi-cooker (CPC-A2510F) and it was beyond my expectations. It is a multi-function electric pressure cooker with a thick and heavy stainless steel inner pot. In addition, it has a germanium fermenting crock/double boiler inner pot with a lid, and a steam germanium pot. I asked numerous questions to Mr. Mike Choi via emails and over the phone, and he was very kind and prompt. His responses were great and I was at peace with the purchase decision. I asked Mr. Choi to pack extra since it has ceramic pots and I was afraid of breakage. Mr. Choi went above and beyond; he packed with foam, bubble wrappers, and another box overlaying the original box. He even put “Fragile” stickers everywhere on the box. I received it the very next day by UPS.
My husband and I were amazed by the quality. It is well built (like a tank!) and has a sleek look as well. It also speaks Korean announcements or program settings with music - although my husband has no idea what it says, he loves it. Also the recipe book looks great, although it is in Korean.
This Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F) has many great features that you have never seen before. It can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and for a fermenting machine.
1. Fermenting beans or Bean fermentation function (in English) as known as Natto in Japan or Cheongkukjang in Korea. Fermented beans are one of the healthiest foods in the world that prevents cancer and anti-aging. You do not need to buy Natto from organic markets any more. You can make it at home! Isn’t it awesome? Basically, you boil the beans in the boiling beans setting for 3 hours and you drain the left over water and choose Bean Fermentation or Fermenting Beans. Then it will cook 36 hours at the ideal temperature for fermented beans. When it is done, you will have your own fermented beans.
2. Traditional Fermentation - You can also use the “Traditional Fermentation” button. You can set the temperature from 35C(95F) to 70C (158F) and you can set your fermenting time from 1 hours to 30 days! Yes, 30 days!! That’s impressive!
You can make your own 24 hour yogurt without having to reset for additional time as you would on many dedicated yogurt makers. With this Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F), you can set it as long as you want. Also, if you want to make flavored vinegar with fruits or other fermenting foods, this Cuckoo can be used as a fermenting generator! You can make your own fermenting foods with “traditional fermentation setting” as long as you wait 30 days!
3. Germanium Fermenting Crocks/ Double boiler with germanium steam pots
Stainless inner pot is 5 QT and Germanium fermenting crock/double boiler with steam pot are 3 QT. So either for a big family or for a small family of two, you can use this Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F) for your crock pot cooking! You can make bone broth with 5QT stainless pot, you can also make herbal medicine at home without going through expensive methods. You can also make your own medicinal herbal teas as well. With this double boiling function, you can also make extracts from fruits and vegetables.

4. Pressure cooker
I usually answer people who ask me why I am using a scary pressure cooker for cooking that if you cook in the pressure cooker for an hour, it is like cooking in the crock pot for 6-8 hours. When you have no time to put your food in the crock pot, the pressure cooker on the stove is a time saver for preparing meals. With this Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F), you don’t need to worry about babysitting meals on the stove top or be afraid of blowing up like your old grandma’s pressure cooker. You can have the same tender meats and stew like a crock pot in much less time.
5. Special Double Boiling Function for Making Extract, and Herbal Medicine
This Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F)’s Korean name is “Red Ginseng” & “Black Garlic.” You can make your own extract with fruits and vegetables with “Extract” setting button. In addition, you can actually make your own herbal medicine if you have dried herbs ingredients. This Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F) has special setting for making “Red Ginseng” and ‘Black Garlic.”

I highly recommend this Multi-Cooker (CPC-A2510F) for the people who are conscious of detoxification by using non-toxic cookware, who are serious gourmets who want to cook more or who are into fermentation like me. Personally, this one Cuckoo Multi-Cooker will replace my two manual pressure cookers (4.5QT each), four Crockpots, and one yogurt maker. I am so glad that I found this and it will last a long time in my kitchen.
(Posted on 6/24/2016)

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